CribCareTM: Safe & Accessible

CribCare™ (patent pending) infant cribs are designed to replace the only other North American mass-manufactured accessible crib that has since been recalled and banned: the drop-side crib.

CribCare™ maintains the one-handed ease of access that made the standard drop-side crib so popular with parents and eliminates the risk of child entrapment, injury, and death that occurred with the drop-side crib design.

Drop-side cribs are a widely used and popular product that have been banned, suddenly, for safety reasons and without any reasonable replacement available on the market. All data points to a huge consumer problem that the economical safety and accessibility features of CribCare™ are poised to rectify.

The CribCare™ product may be viewed as a multi-SKU product, emcompassing not only a basic crib, but also designer versions of the crib. This versatility will enable CribCare™ to stay on top of the market for the foreseeable future.

CribCareTM seeks to solve the issue of drop-side crib recalls and bans by providing a safe yet economical alternative to the stationary-sided crib.

Product/Service differentiation

  • System cannot be activated by infant or child
  • System poses no additional safety risk to infant
  • Meets or exceeds all current and proposed safety standards in U.S. and Canada


  • An economical option for caregivers

Ease of use

  • Can be opened single-handedly with ease by caregiver
  • Noiseless, so as not to disturb sleeping infant


  • Fits any standard crib
Next Steps

We are working to finalize a prototype and bring the CribCareTM (PATENT PENDING) to Market.

Because we are a very small, “bootstrap” type operation, we are asking for donations in exchange for linking here.

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